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Welcome to The Holidaze

The Holidaze is a blog dedicated to celebrating life’s less obvious occasions. As colder weather and darker days set in (The Holidaze is based in Madison, WI), what better way to stave off winter blues than to have a party, even a small one, every single day. Yup. Every day.

Why? Well, conveniently, there is a reason to celebrate every day because November, like most months, is full of holidays, both official and unofficial, traditional and decidedly wacky.

Official holidays are the ones we’ve been able to recite since childhood: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Most of these mean no school or work for public (and many private) employees. Okay, fine.

Unofficial holidays are where things get interesting. These occasions, which are celebrated by either many people or a few, have not been sanctioned by Congress as an official holiday, meaning schools don’t close and people still trudge to their cubicles. Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day–these are a few of the big ones that are heavily commercialized and celebrated.

But there are literally hundreds more unofficial holidays that most people are unaware of or choose to ignore. These holidays, like Cookie Monster Day and National Chicken Lady Day, are created by random people, organizations or even corporations. They are marketed to a niche audience, usually to build awareness for a particular cause, like National Diabetes Awareness Month, or just for the helluva it, like Plan Your Epitaph Day.

Some of these obscure unofficial holidays have a solid following, like National Novel Writing Month, and others likely have few or no celebrants on any given year (though as a woman, I am heavily interested in the expansion of the National Men Make Dinner Day). So I’ve decided to highlight lesser-known holidays, and some pretty well-known ones too, in a crusade to find daily happiness. If nothing else, these holidays will give me something to look forward to, and I don’t mind the cheesiness or kitzshy-ness—-after all, what is a holiday but an excuse to do something and feel something for a particular reason on a particular day?

I won’t claim that this blog will be comprehensive; there are far too many unofficial holidays for me to write about each of them. But I will post every day through November (and we’ll see beyond that) and I’ll post multiple times a day to cover as many holidays as possible.

So what exactly will I post? I will try to include some background to the days I highlight, but info won’t always be available, and what I’m more interested in highlighting are my personal experiences celebrating these holidays. I’m going to tell you how I celebrated Vegan Awareness Month (I am a very carnivorous person usually, I’m afraid) and what Married to a Scorpion Support Day has meant to me.

I’ll admit, most of my “research” on these holidays has come from random websites, since I haven’t yet come across an official text about unofficial holidays. But I’ll link to sources and you can determine for yourself whether I’ve chosen legit holidays or not. Either way, I hope to have a blast, and feel free to leave comments suggesting holidays or sharing your own experiences.



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