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National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

Today is a hard holiday to complain about! I was thinking about getting ambitious and trying to make chocolate covered bacon, but G was deeply suspicious that this would work out, and I was secretly worried I might just like it too much.

So instead, I kept it healthy with dark-chocolate covered walnuts. I busted out my make-shift double boiler again, but luck doesn’t always strike twice. I was confused about why my chocolate was clumping up rather than melting, but then G took one look at the burner and told me the heat was too high. Sure enough, I turned things way down, and the chocolate melted smoothly. I added a little honey, then dropped in the walnuts.

They taste good as is, but I’m putting most of them on a plate to harden overnight. I’ll take a handful for a snack tomorrow, and I bet they’ll make a good yogurt topping.

Mmm, December holidays are ridiculously decadent.

P.S. George is still under the bed.


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